Saturday, December 1, 2018

Upcoming Web Sale

All info and photos of available items will be posted at
8:00 pm CST on Monday, December 3rd.
How this sale works:
Items are sold to the first person to email with the NAME & NUMBER of the item(s) at:

If you'd like to list a 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice, please do that.
(Also, a collector can purchase more than one snowman)
I'll send an email as quickly as I can, to let everyone know if an item they wanted is sold, or if they are the 1st to email me for it.
I will try to update this site, marking items sold as quickly as I can. 
All of my art is original, one-of-a-kind, with hours of work going into each one.
Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions at:
(A few of the faces that will be showing up tomorrow night!)